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The Trainings mode unlocks at level 30 after joining the Guild.

You can find Trainings in the lower-left corner of the Guild screen.

This mode allows you to test teams of heroes and titans to find new combinations and synergies. 

To gather your defense team, tap Create in the lower-right corner of the Trainings screen. After selecting the battle type and the team, you can assign a name to the training battle. You can launch one or ten battles at once.

Hero battles take place on the Arena field, and titan battles — on the Grand Arena field. It means that all battles are automatic. You cannot activate your characters' ultimate skills manually.

In the Defence Teams tab, you can see all the teams added by your guildmates.

You can find the information about completed battles in the Battle Results tab. 


Here you can also view the recording and results of each attempt. To view information about a series of attempts, tap the button with three bars.

To open information about damage and healing during the battle, tap the info button. You will see this screen.

To view the battle recording, tap the camera button.


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