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The Tower unlocks at team level 15 and consists of 50 floors. 

Where to Find

You can find the Tower on the main game screen:

Where to Find


Every day, you can ascend to the very top of the Tower, battling various opponents and collecting team boosters and chests with rewards.

To participate in a battle in Tower, your heroes have to be level 15 or higher.

The main challenge of this game mode is to keep your heroes alive to reach the top of the Tower. Note that the health and energy of both your heroes and opponents do not reset after combat.


Tower difficulty depends on your team level. You can find the level under your avatar on the main game screen. If your heroes' levels are below your team level, clearing Tower may become a challenge.

If heroes die in the Tower, they do not get resurrected in the next fight. You can revive them by using skulls at certain Tower altars. Otherwise, you need to wait for the Tower reset at 05:00 AM your local time.

Each battle you win grants you the ability to skip a fight on the next day. If you ascend to the top of the Tower, you can skip floors 1-26. If you have not cleared the Tower the day before, you can use emeralds to skip floors 1-26.

You can skip floors for emeralds only if you have passed the Tower to the 50th floor at least once.  


Skulls and Tower Points

You receive Tower points and skulls for winning battles. You spend skulls on various buffs at Tower altars:


All purchased buffs are only active during the current day until the Tower reset at 05:00 AM your local time.

Earned Tower points are displayed in the bottom-left corner of the Tower's screen. The more Tower points you earn, the bigger the reward you receive at the end of the day.

tower points

You can view possible rewards by tapping Rules in the bottom-right corner of the Tower's screen:


You can receive up to three stars for each battle. The more stars you get, the more skulls and Tower points you earn. The number of stars you get at the end of a fight depends on how many heroes are left alive. If a hero dies, you lose one star. If two heroes die, you lose two stars. Three or four defeated heroes leave you with only one star.


Chests and VIP Bonuses

Every three floors, you find three chests. Each contains either gold, Tower Coins, or random item fragments. Also, there is a slight chance that the number of Tower Coins you get will be doubled.

towers chests

You can open one of the three chests for free. The other two can be opened for emeralds. You can open the third chest only if you are VIP 4 or higher. 

When you reach VIP 6, you get an additional 25% of gold from Tower chests. After opening three chests, you get an additional 10% bonus, which makes 35% in total. After opening 15 chests, you receive yet another 40% bonus, 75% in total. The bonus does not grow further even if your VIP level increases.



The Tower raid option allows completing the Tower instantly. It becomes available when you reach team level 90. To unlock the Tower raid, you need to collect seven crowns. You get one crown each time you complete all 50 floors. Crowns do not expire, so you do not have to collect them seven days in a row.

starting tower

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