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Talismans are special items that improve your heroes' stats.

To wear a Talisman, a hero has to reach level 120. After that, the Talisman replaces the level bar in the hero's menu.


You may receive a Talisman but do not have a hero who wears this Talisman, or this hero is not yet at level 120. In this case, the Talisman will remain on your account until the required hero reaches level 120. Note that until then, Talismans will not be displayed in the Inventory or in the Heroes menu.

To upgrade Talismans, you need special resources:


Mastery Crystal is used to level up Talismans and gradually unlock additional stat slots. You can get Mastery Crystals during Special Events.


Meta Cube is used to modify additional stats. You can reroll higher additional stats using Meta Cubes. You can get Meta Cubes during Special Events or for winning fights in Sky Arena.

You could receive Talismans and resources for their upgrades during previous special events. Developers are adding Talismans gradually, so not all heroes have them at the moment. Follow us on Facebook and Discord to learn about future Special events during which you can get Talismans!


​Each Talisman has one main stat slot and three additional stat slots:

  1. The first slot always upgrades the main stat of a hero. For example, Aurora's main stat is strength, so her Talisman upgrades her strength stat. You cannot reroll the main stat. To upgrade it, you need to level up the Talisman in the Talisman menu.

  2. The other three slots upgrade the additional stat of a hero. The additional stat is the same in all three slots, but their values might vary. You can reroll these values using either Meta Cubes or emeralds. Press the Reroll Stats button to change the current additional stats to the random ones.

After you have rerolled the stats, you will have three options: to reroll them once more using Meta Cubes or emeralds (1), save the reroll results (2), or leave without saving (3) if the results do not satisfy you. Meta Cubes or emeralds are spent in any case.


All additional stats are rerolled simultaneously. You cannot choose just one result and save it. You can either save all the results or leave without saving them by pressing the X button.

To see what additional stats you can get and the chances to get them, tap the info button in the upper-left corner of the Talisman menu.

​Stat Slots

To level up Talismans, press the button with the Mastery Crystal picture. Each level increases both the main stat and the base additional stats by the values displayed under the stats. 

Talisman upgrades also unlock additional stat slots on certain levels:

  • To open the 1st slot, upgrade the Talisman to level 10.

  • To open the 2nd slot, upgrade the Talisman to level 20.

  • To open the 3rd slot, upgrade the Talisman to level 50.

In PvP modes, you can check what Talismans your opponent has by pressing the Talisman button.


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