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Special Events

In Hero Wars: Alliance, you can participate in special events available for a limited period of time and get various rewards.


To open the Special events menu, tap this icon on the left side of the game screen.


The expiration timer of an event is always displayed next to its name:


To get rewards, you need to complete quests. Events usually consist of daily or one-time quest chains.


Daily quests are indicated by the note "Complete it every day before the end of the event":


These quests refresh every day at 5:00 AM based on your in-game time zone. You should claim your rewards until the daily reset. Otherwise, they will disappear.

One-time quests are indicated by the note "You can complete these quests during a special event":


Some events also have repeatable quest chains. After completing all the quests in the tab, the chain restarts, and you can do the quests again. Repeatable quest chains are indicated by the note "These quests can be completed again after a complete walkthrough":


If you do not claim the rewards for the completed tasks, you will receive them in a letter to your in-game mailbox when the event ends.

Special Event Types

They take place under certain conditions or regularly appear in the game.

They start for all players at the same time.

​Time-limited Events

Time-limited events start for all players at the same time. They are activated by the developers according to their inner schedule.


Emerald Waterfalls is one of the time-limited events:

Regular Events

The following events appear for new players and can be completed only once:

  • World Pioneers / World Pioneers II and Second Wind / Second Wind II appear for all players on a new server when it opens;

  • The Adventure Begins and The Adventure Continues / The Adventure Continues II are available for all newly registered accounts;

  • Deadly Harvest unlocks when you complete Campaign mission 3-15.


The following events regularly appear one after another and last three days each:

  • Energetic Warrior requires using energy in Campaign;

  • Lord of the Arena requires battling in Arena;

  • Hero of Outland requires fighting in Outland;

  • Top of the Tower requires fighting in Tower;

  • Into the Depths requires clearing Dungeon and earning titanite.

Regular Events
Time-limited Events

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