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Sky Arena

In Sky Arena, heroes can board ships, fight other players, and earn Meta Cubes as a reward. Sky Arena becomes available on team level 120.

You can enter Sky Arena through the Harbor tab on the Guild's main screen. 

Watch a short video to learn more about Sky Arena!

After completing the short tutorial, you will be able to enter the Sky Arena main screen. To start a battle, you will need 20 Fuel (1). You can see how much Fuel you have in the upper-right corner of the screen (2).

Press the green plus sign near your Fuel to see the ways to replenish it.

Every 15 minutes, one Fuel restores automatically. It can store up to 200 Fuel max. You can also purchase 60 Fuel for 400 emeralds. In this case, you can have more than 200 Fuel.


After you press Play on the main Sky Arena screen, you will be able to select an opponent to attack. 


When you press Play, you immediately spend 20 Fuel. It will not be returned if you decide to go back.

After choosing an opponent, you can select a captain and their crew. Heroes and captains have special skills, so choose your crew wisely.

During the fight, you can manually activate hero and captain skills or turn the Auto mode on.

If a character is defeated in battle, their weapon on the Skyship hull gets destroyed and cannot fire anymore. Defeated characters also cannot use their skills, and their avatars become darkened.

Battles in Sky Arena last two minutes. You can skip a fight by tapping the pause button in the upper-right corner and pressing Skip battle. The fight will be finished in the Auto mode. 


You can earn Sky Elixir and Meta Cubes in Sky Arena.

Sky Elixir is used to level up captains.

Meta Cubes are required for rerolling Talisman stats.

For winning, you can get either Sky Elixir and Meta Cubes or just Sky Elixir. If you lose, you will get only Sky Elixir.


To level up captains, press anywhere on the right side of the Sky Arena main screen.

Here, you can level up captains and check the ships' stats. Leveling up captains also increases their ship's stats.


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Talismans are special items that improve your heroes' stats.

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