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Outland is located on the main game screen and contains two PvE modes: Highwaymen and Masters.

Highwaymen unlock at team level 18. The highwaymen are arranged according to their difficulty. 

After the game day is updated at 5:00 AM your local time, you receive five free battle attempts. You cannot buy additional attempts.

As soon as you defeat a highwayman and gain three stars, the Raid button appears next to the To Battle button:

Each battle grants up to three Chests (added to your Inventory), depending on the number of earned stars. Raids guarantee three Chests. Chest rarity depends on the difficulty of the opponent:

Common Chest contains 35 Highwaymen Coins and 2,500 gold, or a green item.​

Rare Chest contains 40 Highwaymen Coins and 4,000 gold, or a blue item.​

Epic Chest contains 45 Highwaymen Coins and 7,000 gold, or a purple item. 

Once you use all five attempts, a timer will display how long you have to wait before new attempts appear:


Masters unlock at team level 25. Every day you get five attack attempts. Also, you can spend emeralds to purchase additional attempts.


There are three bosses, each is immune to specific attacks, so only certain heroes can fight them. ​

Ilyssa is immune to magic and melee attacks.​

Vadjar is immune to magic and ranged attacks.

Brog is immune to physical attacks. 

Tap the blue button in Required heroes to open a complete list of heroes that can fight the chosen boss.

After tapping the Go for it! button, you will see the chosen boss' screen:

​​Once you defeat the boss, you receive one free Chest, which you can open on the boss' screen or by tapping the Open chests button right after the battle:

You can use emeralds to open more Chests:

master chest_edited.jpg

Chests may grant Skin Stones, Outland Coins, or the grand prize: a unique skin or a Skin Shop Certificate. With the Certificate, you can purchase any skin available for Skin Stones.

You also receive a star rating for defeating the bosses, though it does not affect anything. 

At first, each victory increases the boss' level. As their level increases, the number of attempts required to level up the boss rises to five. You can view how many times you need to defeat the boss before the next level increase on the boss' screen:

The maximum level of each boss is 120. Once you defeat a level 120 boss, and if you are VIP 7 or higher, you can raid this boss.

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Tower unlocks at team level 15 and consists of 50 floors.

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