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ゲームには様々なアイテム、リソース、通貨があります。 この記事では、最も重要なリソースを集めて説明し、それらの入手方法を説明させます。



A resource needed for completing missions in the Campaign.


VIP Points

A resource that increases your VIP level.



The universal game currency.


Team EXP Points

A resource for increasing the team level.



A basic currency used to upgrade characters.


Energy is a resource needed for completing missions in the Campaign. You receive one energy point automatically every six minutes. Once the energy reaches the maximum capacity, it stops restoring. The game offers many other ways to get energy. You can complete tasks in special events to get energy as a reward.


In some special events, you can even get Bottled EnergyThis item grants 200 energy when used. You can store Bottled Energy in your Inventory and open it whenever you require more energy. 

You can buy Bottled Energy at the Town Shop:


You can also buy energy with Tickets in the Theater:


Another source of energy is the "Get free energy" quests. They are available three times a day. To complete them, go to the Daily quests menu at the specified time and click the Complete button. The time is determined according to the time zone in your character settings. 




In addition, you can get energy by:

  • Increasing your team level. Each time your team level goes up, you receive energy:


The amount of energy depends on the team level you reach.

  • Collecting Hero's Way rewards.

  • Claiming gifts in our official communities. There you can find information about daily secret missions and get rewards by completing them. You can also participate in giveaways during special streams on our YouTube channel.

  • Exchanging emeralds for energy. To do so, press the plus button near the energy bar:


You will see the following window:


The price will increase with each purchase until it reaches 200 emeralds. The number of energy refills is unlimited.


Emeralds are the universal game currency. There are several ways to get them, and one of the most efficient ones is to earn them in the Arena / Grand Arena. You can read more about the daily Arena / Grand Arena reward here.

You can also get emeralds by:

  • Collecting the daily bonus reward. To do so, open the Events tab:


You can receive energy, emeralds, and other resources for logging in every day:




  • Completing quests. The game has many tasks with emerald rewards. Just click Quests at the bottom of the main game screen.



  • Promoting heroes to a higher rank. When you promote a character, you get a promotion reward to your in-game mailbox. The letter contains ten emeralds:

  • Completing tasks in special events.

  • Purchasing special offers.

  • As one of the Hero's Way rewards.

  • By completing tasks from the Free tab on the main screen of the game.

  • At the Emerald Shop. You can access it by clicking the plus button next to your emerald balance tab.

Icon_new_gold_coin_160x160 (1).jpg

Gold is a basic currency used to upgrade heroes and titans. The higher the level is, the more gold you need for further upgrades. That is why this resource is always in demand.

There are several ways to obtain gold:

  • By completing Campaign missions.

  • By completing daily quests.

  • At the Tower. You can get gold from the reward chests. You can also receive gold for earned Tower points.

  • At the Titan Soul Shop. There, you can spend Titan Soul Coins to purchase gold and other items.

  • In an Honorable Guardian Casket. When players reach the maximum team level, instead of earning more EXP points for daily quests, they get Honorable Guardian Caskets:

  • By selling items from your Inventory:


Make sure you do not need these items before selling them. You will not be able to get them back.

  • As a gift from your Guild Master. A Guild Master's present contains 250 Titan Potions, one Summoning Sphere, and 100,000 gold. The Guild Master gets these presents for reaching Guild activity thresholds and then distributes them among active players. You can find Guild Master's presents in your in-game mailbox.

  • By collecting rewards in the Daily Bonus tab.

  • By saving at checkpoints in the Dungeon. To save your progress in the Dungeon, you need to pull special levers. They are located on every 5th level. When you pull a lever, you get gold and activate a checkpoint. The levers look like this:

mceclip0 (2).jpg
VIP points

Your VIP level depends on the number of VIP points you have. Any purchase grants you a certain number of VIP points. ​

So you can obtain VIP points by:

  • Purchasing emeralds at the Emerald Shop.

  • Extending Valkyrie's Favor.

  • Purchasing Golden Pass for Hero's Way and levels for it.

  • Performing paid server transfers.

  • Purchasing special offers. 


Your team level and the maximum level of heroes and titans depend on your number of Team EXP Points. To get them, you can:

EXP points

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