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Heroic Chest

You obtain heroes, their Soul Stones, and other resources from Heroic Chest. You can find it on the main game screen.

How to Open

You can open Heroic Chest:

  • for free once a day,

  • by watching a video,

  • by using emeralds. 


Once a day, you can open the chest by watching a video. When you enter the chest for the first time a day, a 30-minute timer appears. It means that you have 30 minutes to watch the video. If you do not watch it during this time period, the next video will become available only in 24 hours.

You can open either one Heroic Chest at a time or ten at once. The latter option is 25% cheaper. By opening chests one by one, you would spend 2000 emeralds. Whereas when you use the Open x10 option, you save 500 emeralds.

Soul Crystal


To see what you can get from Heroic Chest, go to the Reward list:


Jet is an exception and does not drop from Heroic Chest. You can get him at the Soul Stones Shop.

New heroes are also not available in Heroic Chest right after their release. Developers might add them later. In the meantime, you can get these heroes during special events or in bundles.

The background color of the dropped Soul Stones shows their number:

  • white — 3 Soul Stones;

  • green — 5 Soul Stones;

  • blue — 10 Soul Stones;

  • purple — 30 Soul Stones.


Heroic Chest can also give different resources for hero upgrades.

Resources become available gradually as you upgrade different aspects of your heroes to the fullest:

  • Once you upgrade a hero to the sixth star, you start receiving Sparks of Power instead of the hero's Soul Stones.

  • After you max out the whole Gift of the Elements circle, Rune Stones will be next in line.

  • Once you upgrade the hero's glyphs to the fullest, you will start receiving Skin Stones. They continue to drop even after you have upgraded all of your heroes' skins.


The number of resources given varies and depends on the resource's rarity: whitegreenbluepurple, and orange. For example, 50 Soul Stones are of white rarity, while 80 Soul Stones are of green rarity. Thus, the chance of getting 80 Soul Stones is lower than 50 Soul Stones. The game randomly and automatically determines the resource of what rarity you get.


If you want to focus on upgrading certain heroes, select a Faction in Heroic Chest. The chance to get the heroes from that Faction will increase. This feature becomes available at team level 35. 

Selecting a Faction increases the chance of getting a hero from the selected Faction, resources for their upgrade, or a Skin+ for a hero of the Faction. However, you can still receive rewards and heroes belonging to other Factions.

You can find more detailed information by tapping on the question mark in the Selected Faction window:

To get more information on drop rates, tap the Info button in the top-left corner and press Go for it! button at the bottom.

Grand Prizes

There are several grand prizes in Heroic Chest. The first grand prize is always Cleaver, a legendary six-star hero.

Once you obtain Cleaver, the message about it appears in the server chat. Besides, the grand prize in Heroic Chest changes to either 50,000 Hero Soul Coins or one of the Skins+. Their drop chance is the same, and you can get either.


If you draw a Skin+, you will get the original skin as well. However, you can get Skins+ only for those heroes that you already have. Also, as well as new heroes, new Skins+ do not drop from the Chest right after the release and become available later. 

Grand Prizes

Guaranteed Drops

Heroic Chest also has guaranteed drops:

  • A guaranteed new hero drops every 25th Chest opening. The hero is selected randomly from those you do not have yet. Once you obtain all the available heroes, the prize changes to resources for hero upgrades.


You can obtain a new hero only every 25th Chest opening. They cannot drop earlier. All new heroes, except for Cleaver, have one star.

You can follow your progress in Heroic Chest. The progress bar at the top of the screen shows how many openings remain until a new hero drops.

  • A guaranteed grand prize drops every 400th Chest opening! However, you can still get the grand prize earlier. The chance depends solely on luck.


Cleaver is always the first grand prize.

The counter below the grand prize shows how many openings remain until the prize drops.

Hero Rating

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