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Hero Sets

Hero Sets are a way to gain bonus stats and learn the heroes' stories.

Set Menu

To manage sets, open the Heroes menu on the main screen and go to the Sets tab:

Hero sets have six levels, indicated by the blue stars near the set names (1). Each level unlocks a permanent stat bonus for ALL your heroes. You can see the current active bonuses in the Bonuses tab at the bottom-left corner of the Sets tab (2).


Tap any set to open the window with detailed information about it:

  • By pressing the book button in the upper-left corner, you can read the set's description.

  • The left side of the screen displays the set's heroes. Above each hero's portrait, you can see their current power.

  • The right side of the screen shows the set's bonus attributes and the required power numbers to obtain them. Unlocked bonuses can be claimed by pressing the Activate button. Once claimed, a bonus cannot be deactivated.


Each set includes three or four heroes. To obtain the first level of a set, you need to collect all the heroes from it. To achieve the next levels, each hero in the set has to have enough power. For example, to reach level three and unlock the bonus attribute in the "Heroes of Riversar" set, all four heroes of the set must have more than 65,000 power.

If at least one hero from the set has already reached a new power requirement, arrows will appear next to the portraits of the remaining heroes who are falling behind.


There are two types of sets: Regular Sets and Lore Sets. Lore Sets are marked purple. Upgrading heroes from Lore Sets also unlocks their Stories.

Story chapters for a hero become available when this hero reaches a certain power level. The availability of chapters does not depend on the power level of other heroes in the set.


For completing each chapter of the story for the first time, you will earn 25 emeralds. You can replay chapters, but they will not provide additional rewards.

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Tower unlocks at team level 15 and consists of 50 floors.

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