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Grand Arena

Grand Arena is a PvP game mode available at team level 50.

Where to Find

Where to Find

You can find the Grand Arena on the main game screen.


Grand Arena Menu

In the Grand Arena menu, you can see:


  • Your current Grand Arena ranking. The information is updated once you relaunch the Grand Arena menu.

  • Grand Arena Coins per hour that you earn according to your position. Coins accumulate until you collect them.

  • The leaderboard of your server.

  • Grand Arena rules.

  • A Journal tab, where your battle history is stored.

  • A merchant that redirects you to the Grand Arena Shop.

  • A counter of available battles. You get five free battle attempts with the daily reset at 5:00 AM your local time. You can obtain more using emeralds. 

  • Your defense teams and their overall power.

  • The To battle button. 

When you press the To battle button, you get three opponents to choose from:

If you do not want to battle any of them, you can tap Refresh.

After pressing Attack under the chosen opponent, you can select your attacking teams. 

Opponents stop seeing your third squad once you reach rank 100 or higher. Between 20th and 2nd place, opponents cannot view your second squad. And once you reach the first place, all your squads are hidden. 

In the Journal tab, you can find information about your last battles, both in defense and attack:

Grand Arena Menu


Battles in Grand Arena last two minutes, just like in Campaign. If both teams are still alive at the end of the battle, the defense team wins. It is enough to win two of the three battles to earn a victory. 

If you have attacked a player and won, but your position in the Grand Arena has not changed, it means that while you were choosing a target, they were attacked by another player and lost. Since their position became lower than yours, your ranking did not change.

You can skip the battle replay by tapping the pause button in the upper-right corner and pressing Skip battle

All battles in Grand Arena are automatic. You cannot control your heroes manually. When you press the To battle button, the game server calculates the battle results. The battle you see is just the recording; it is not real-time. 

After the battle, you cannot attack again for ten minutes. However, you can skip the waiting time for 50 emeralds. Also, if you have spent all five free battle attempts, you can purchase more for emeralds. Each purchase grants you five additional attempts. The higher your VIP level, the more additional attempts you can buy.

Also, there are two matchmaking ranges in Grand Arena: visible and hidden.

  • The visible range includes player positions you can see in the list of suggested opponents.

  • The hidden range is wider than the visible range. It ensures that opponents do not disappear while you are choosing an opponent or heroes to attack. Without this range, you would have to constantly look for a new opponent because positions in Grand Arena are dynamic and change quickly.


The hidden range allows you to attack an opponent even if they have changed their position while you were selecting your heroes. However, if the new position is outside both the visible and hidden range, you will have to look for a different opponent.



You receive 10 Grand Arena Coins for each successful defense, up to 50 Coins per day. They arrive in a letter in your in-game mailbox. You get rewards only for the first five defenses.

At 8:00 PM your in-game time zone, you receive a daily reward according to your ranking. Note that this reward is shared with the Arena; you do not get an additional reward. The reward is based on the highest rank you achieved in both Arenas. For example, if you ranked 20th in the Arena and 30th in the Grand Arena, you get the reward for the 20th place.

You get the reward only if you attack at least once during the day either in Arena or Grand Arena.


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