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Global Championship

The Global Championship is a competitive game mode, which you can enter through the Competitions tab on the Guild's main screen. 

You can find information on both Guild War and Global Championship on the same page.

Participation in the Global Championship is available to all Silver and Gold league Guilds. The Season starts on the first day of the month and lasts 19 weekdays. There are no matches on weekends.


If your Guild gets back to the Bronze or Qualification league, it will not lose its spot in the Global Championship. You will continue participating in the Global Championship unless your Guild is disbanded.

There can be up to 20 Champions in both Gold and Silver league Guilds. The maximum number of rating points in Global Championship is 23,500. There are no bots in the Global Championship; only real Guilds and players participate. 

Defense can be set until 6 AM UTC. After that time, selected teams are locked. 

If the battle ends before 8:10 PM UTC, the results are taken into account. Otherwise, the outcome of the battle does not count.

The Global Championship map also features a Ghost Bridge — an additional bridge that becomes available if a Guild breaks through any three other fortifications. Heroes or titans cannot be placed on it. The Ghost Bridge cannot be attacked, and it grants the opportunity to bypass the central bridge.

Basic rules

There is a total of six leagues in the Global Championship:

  1. Royal league — 1 division.

  2. Duke league — 1 division.

  3. Marquis league — 4 divisions.

  4. Earl league — 4 divisions.

  5. Viscount league — 4 divisions.

  6. Baron league — 4 divisions.


division is a subgroup within a league. The higher the division of the Guild, the better the daily and Season rewards its members get.

There can be an unlimited number of Guilds in one division. The Royal league is an exception, and there can only be 20 Guilds.

When a Guild passes a certain rating threshold, it is promoted to a new league or division. If there are four divisions in the league, the transition goes in the ascending order: from the fourth division to the first.

The number of rating points required for a promotion depends on a league or division:

  1. Duke league — 12,000 rating points.

  2. Marquis league:

    1. First division — 11,250 rating points.

    2. Second division — 10,500 rating points.

    3. Third division — 9,750 rating points.

    4. Fourth division — 9,000 rating points.

  3. Earl league:

    1. First division — 8,250 rating points.

    2. Second division — 7,500 rating points.

    3. Third division — 6,750 rating points.

    4. Fourth division — 6,000 rating points.

  4. Viscount league:

    1. First division — 5,250 rating points.

    2. Second division — 4,500 rating points.

    3. Third division — 3,750 rating points.

    4. Fourth division — 3,000 rating points.

  5. Baron league:

    1. First division — 2,250 rating points.

    2. Second division — 1,500 rating points.

    3. Third division — 750 rating points.

    4. Fourth division — 0 rating points.


Guilds get the rating points after the matches end — at 8:00 PM UTC. These points consist of two parts:

  • a fixed part — 500 points for a victory;

  • a variable part — 500 points are distributed between the teams according to the capture points earned during the day.


In case of a draw, both Guilds get only the fixed part — 500 rating points.

At the beginning of a new Season, Guilds are assigned to divisions according to their performance in the previous one. Their previous ranking is reset. The new rating depends on the rating of the Guild relative to other Guilds. The top 5% of Guilds get 4,500 rating points at the start of a new Season; the next 10% get 3,750, and so on. Guilds with zero rating points are also taken into account — their rating remains zero.


If the rating of the two Guilds is the same, their position in the ranking is determined by the total power of heroes and titans in the defense at the start of the match. If the total power is the same, the ranking is decided randomly.

Leagues and divisions

Matchmaking in the Global Championship works the following way for ranking leagues:

  • Opponents are chosen according to the Guild ranking. Guilds with the closest ranking score match against each other. Server and total Guild power are not taken into account.

  • Guilds that have already fought each other cannot match against each other for three days. 

  • The Guilds with the highest rank start matchmaking first. If only one Guild is left at the end of matchmaking and there is no one to match it with, it receives an "empty" opponent.


In the Royal league, every Guild fights each other during one Season. Once matched, Guilds cannot fight each other again.


At the end of a Season, Guilds from the Duke league with the highest ratings take part in the transition matches for promotion to the Royal league.


The transition matches to the Royal league are held the day after all 19 matches are finished, on the 20th weekday. The first five Guilds in the Royal league do not participate in transition matches. The remaining 15 Guilds fight the top Guilds of the Duke league.

For example, the 20th place of the Royal league fights the 1st place of the Duke league, and so on. If there are fewer than five Guilds in the Royal league, then the Guilds from the Duke league are promoted without a fight.

Transition matches

If you are a member of a Guild that participates in the Global Championship and decide to change your Guild, you will receive a seven-day penalty. You will not be able to become a Champion in the Global Championship before the expiration of this penalty.

This penalty works only during the Season in which you changed the Guild: from 12:00 AM UTC on the first day of the month until the end of transition matches at 8:00 PM UTC on the last day of the Season.


Rewards vary according to the rank of a Guild. Guilds get rewards after every match and at the end of a Season based on their divisions.

  • At the end of every match, Guilds get rating points, and all members get trophies for a defeat or victory.

  • When Guilds are promoted to a new league, their members get gold.

  • Global Championship Champions receive trophies for each captured fortification.

  • Guilds that have made it to the Duke and Royal leagues are granted unique frames. Frames change every Season.


Global Championship trophies can be exchanged for Guild War trophies at the Guild Championship Shop. The exchange rate is 3 Global Championship trophies = 10 Guild War trophies. Also, you can purchase Boosters, unique avatars, and avatar frames here. 

Guild Championship Shop

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