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Emerald Exchange

Emerald Exchange allows you to exchange emeralds for gold.

You can find Emerald Exchange by tapping the plus icon near the gold counter in the upper-right corner of the game screen.

In the middle of Exchange Shop, you can see the amount of gold you get for one exchange without any bonus applied.

In addition to the displayed amount of gold, you can get the x2, x5, x10, or x100 multiplier bonuses. For example, if you get x10, you receive the amount multiplied by ten.


x100 is a rare multiplier. If someone on the server gets x100, a special message appears in the server chat. This is the basic position of the arrow after opening the Emerald Exchange tab.

Each exchange increases the amount of gold you receive, and every fifth exchange increases the number of emeralds required, up to 95.

The number of Emerald Exchange attempts per day depends on the VIP level:

  • 0 VIP = 20;

  • 1 VIP = 25;

  • 2 VIP = 30;

  • 3 VIP = 35;

  • 4 VIP = 40;

  • 5 VIP = 50;

  • 6 VIP = 60;

  • 7 VIP = 70;

  • 8 VIP = 80;

  • 9 VIP = 90;

  • 10 VIP = 100;

  • 11 VIP = 120;

  • 12 VIP = 150;

  • 13 VIP = 200;

  • 14 VIP = 250;

  • 15 VIP = 300.


Also, x1 counts as one attempt, x10 counts as ten.

On the right side of the Emerald Exchange screen, you can view the exchange history.

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Every eight hours, you can watch a video ad and get gold without spending emeralds. This exchange also counts in the progress of daily quests to use Emerald Exchange. But it neither reduces the number of Emerald Exchange attempts nor increases the number of emeralds needed for an exchange.

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