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Hero Combinations

Each hero in Hero Wars: Alliance has unique skills and can form effective combinations with other characters. High team power does not always guarantee victory. Tactics and effective team building are more crucial for winning battles.

In this article, we have gathered the most common hero combinations and counter-heroes.


New characters appear frequently in Hero Wars: Alliance, so developers can make changes to the game balance and revise heroes' interactions. Also, in this article, you can learn more about various skills interactions and different situations that can occur during battle.

Usually, an effective team is built around a few core heroes. These heroes should have high compatibility or synergy in battle. 


Heroes of the same faction have good synergy in battle.


Both characters can apply Marks of Water to their rivals. Lars's Conductance skill uses the applied Marks of Water to boost his attacks.


Also, Krista uses her Frozen Needles skill to create ice thorns that cause damage to any rival moving through them. Lars uses the Lord of the Storm skill and drags opponents through the thorns. Thus, they effectively damage rivals.

Lars and Krista

Using his ultimate skill, Nexus of Horror, K'arkh throws opponents into the air. Then he deals damage to opponents thrown in the air with his Deadly Tendrils skill.


Faceless copies K'arkh's ultimate skill with his Doppelganger ability and throws opponents into the air as well. Since more opponents are in the air, K'arkh can deal damage to more rivals.

K'arkh and Faceless 

Ishmael's Awakening skill increases his critical hit chance.

Sebastian's Hunter's Tune skill also boosts critical hit chance of all allies. Thus, it works well with Ishmael's Awakening skill and gives Ishmael an additional bonus to this stat.

Ishmael and Sebastian

As a tankCleaver fights in the first line and takes a lot of damage. With her Boldness skill, Peppy casts an explosive shield on him, making Cleaver an even more dangerous opponent.

Peppy and Cleaver

Aidan and Kayla can resurrect each other an unlimited number of times by using their first skill. Aidan helps Kayla survive in the middle of the opponent team through healing and shielding. Together they are especially powerful when combined with other Chaos heroes, such as Peppy.

Aidan and Kayla



Rufus's ultimate skill, Rakashi's Barrier, absorbs magical damage, while his passive skill, Rakashi's Oath, does not let Rufus die from magical or pure damage. Thanks to these skills, Rufus is especially effective against mages, e.g., Maya, Judge, Helios, and Orion



Celeste's skills can create a Cursed Flame that blocks healing. It makes Celeste very effective against characters who use a lot of healing or vampirismMaya, Ishmael, Thea, Astaroth, and Dorian.



If an opponent receives bonus energy in battle, Satori uses his Looming Justice skill and applies Fox Fire Marks. They deal damage when activated. That is why Satori is effective against heroes who can gain bonus energy: Jorgen, Orion, and K'arkh.



Andvari's passive skill, Living Earth, protects the allies behind him from displacement and knock-up effects. That is why he is effective against K'arkh, Faceless, Kai, and Lars.



Sebastian will be useful if the opponent's team has heroes that apply control effects, e.g., JorgenSebastian's Ballad of Tenacity skill protects the team from these effects.



Phobos' can target the opponent hero who has the highest magic attack. His Paralysis skill stuns the target for 6.6 seconds, while dealing damage and burning their energy. This works great for disabling mages in the opponent's team.



With her Necromancy skill, Morrigan can summon skeletons from the dead rivals' bodies. This skill prevents opponent's Astaroth from resurrecting his allies.



Altar of Souls attacks opponents whenever they damage Corvus' allies. This is especially effective against characters with frequent or mass attacks, such as Keira or Ginger.



The Flaming Retribution skill may damage opponents when they land critical hits on Helios' allies. Therefore, Helios is effective against heroes with critical hit stats, e.g., Jet and Yasmine.


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