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Hero Classes & Class Runes

Each hero in the game belongs to a specific class. Classes have unique Class Runes, which give access to class abilities.

Each hero belongs to a class. There are seven classes in the game:

1. Tanks have more health and are more resistant to damage than other roles. Tanks usually stand on the front lines to absorb more damage and protect their team members. Some of them have special skills that allow them to attract the opponent's attacks. The tanks are Aurora, Chabba, Mushy & Shroom, Luther, Julius, Corvus, Astaroth, Cleaver, Ziri, and Rufus.

2. Warriors specialize in dealing damage to the opponent in close combat. The warriors are Elmir, Yasmine, Galahad, Ishmael, Qing Mao, Tristan, K'arkh, Kayla, and Oya.

3. Marksmen deal physical damage from a distance. The marksmen are Isaac, Jhu, Dark Star, Artemis, Daredevil, Fox, Ginger, Astrid & Lucas, Keira, Dante, and Cascade.

4. Mages deal magic damage from a distance. The mages are Kai, Mojo, Cornelius, Orion, Iris, Lilith, Lars, Xe'Sha, Heidi, and Satori.

5. Support heroes grant various bonuses to their allies: remove negative effects, give a shield, resurrect, etc. The support heroes are Alvanor, Fafnir, Helios, Sebastian, Jet, Nebula, Amira, Celeste, Krista, and Octavia.

6. Control heroes inflict control effects on the opponents to make them less effective. The control heroes are Phobos, Faceless, Arachne, Judge, Peppy, Lian, Jorgen, and Andvari.

7. Healers restore health to their allies during battles. The healers are Thea, Markus, Morrigan, Dorian, Aidan, Maya, and Martha.​


When all Glyphs of a hero reach level 40, the Class Rune feature unlocks. It gives access to the class ability — a passive skill that all heroes of the same class have. The ability works even for those heroes whose Glyphs have not reached level 40 yet.

To learn more about all class abilities, tap the i in the upper-left corner of the Glyphs tab. You can check class abilities' descriptions and their level here:

class abilities
Class Runes

1. Tank — Guardian's Pact


Every 10 seconds, a tank hero increases the armor and magic defense of an ally with the lowest health. The stats are boosted for 5 seconds according to this formula: 1% tank's health + 50 * Class Rune level. The tank hero can also apply this skill to themself.

2. Warrior — Blazing Carnage


Whenever a warrior deals damage with their regular attack, their own physical attack stat increases according to this formula: 8% warrior's physical attack + 45 * Class Rune level. The duration of the effect is calculated according to this formula: 0,02 * Class Rune level + 5. A warrior cannot increase their physical attack more than six times simultaneously.

3. Marksman — Radiant Precision


If a marksman's target has less than a certain percentage of health, marksman's next attack will deal more damage. The percentage of target's health is calculated according to this formula: 0,1 * Class Rune level + 20; the amount of damage dealt — according to this formula: 10% of marksman's physical attack + 90 * Class Rune level. Marksman can use this skill once every four seconds for each target.

4. Mage — Crystal Focus


A mage starts a battle with more energy. The amount of additional energy is calculated according to this formula: Class Rune level * 0.6 + 50. When a mage uses their second, third, or fourth skills, they gain more energy that is calculated according to this formula: 0.2 * Class Rune level.

5. Healer — Seraphim Embrace


When a healer restores an ally's health, they also apply a buff on them for five seconds. This buff converts any incoming damage into healing according to this formula: 30% healer's magic attack + 220 * Class Rune level. A healer can apply the buff on an ally once every 10 seconds.

6. Support — Etheric Whirl


When a support hero deals damage to an opponent or applies a buff on allies, they reduce the armor and magic defense of all the opponents. Depending on which stat of the support hero is higher, the armor and magic defense are reduced according to either of these formulas: 1% support's physical attack + 5 * Class Rune level OR 1% support's magical attack + 5 * Class Rune level.  The debuff lasts four seconds. A hero cannot have more than five debuffs at the same time.

7. Control — Mind Eclipse


When a control effect ends, a control hero slows the affected opponent down by 30% and reduces their total physical damage for four seconds. Depending on which stat of the control hero is higher, the damage is reduced according to either of these formulas: 1% magic attack + 20 * Class Rune level OR 1% physical attack + 20 * Class Rune level. A control hero can use this skill on an opponent once every 10 seconds.

Class Abilities

First, you need to upgrade the Class Rune with Rune Spheres. You can get the Spheres by earning 55,000 total Guild activity points, completing tasks in special events, or purchasing special offers.

When you have enough Rune Spheres, tap Improve in the Glyphs tab:

Once you upgrade a Class Rune, both the level and the stats of the class ability will increase for all heroes of the class. For example, if you upgrade the Galahad's Class Rune, the class ability will be improved for all warrior characters:


You need to unlock and upgrade a Class Rune for each hero separately. For example, unlocking Galahad's Class Rune will not automatically make the Rune available to all other tanks. They will still need to max out their Glyphs first.

Once you upgrade the Class Rune of a hero, the level cap of their Glyphs increases by five. To unlock the next upgrade of the Class Rune, you need to max out all Glyphs of this hero once again. You can use Rune Stones or emeralds:

Once you upgrade all hero's Glyphs to the new level cap, you can improve the Class Rune again:

After that, the level cap of their Glyphs will again increase by five.

This process repeats until all Glyphs of the hero reach level 80. The list below shows the hero Glyph levels you need to reach to level up the Class Rune. Each hero of a class can contribute to the Class Rune upgrade nine times in total:

  1. Glyphs level 40 — Class Rune level 1.

  2. Glyphs level 45 — Class Rune level 2.

  3. Glyphs level 50 — Class Rune level 3.

  4. Glyphs level 55 — Class Rune level 4.

  5. Glyphs level 60 — Class Rune level 5.

  6. Glyphs level 65 — Class Rune level 6.

  7. Glyphs level 70 — Class Rune level 7.

  8. Glyphs level 75 — Class Rune level 8.

  9. Glyphs level 80 — Class Rune level 9.

How to Improve Class Abilities

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