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Guild becomes available at team level 30. You can either create your own Guild or join an existing one. 

You can find the Guild menu on the main game screen.


There, you can choose a Guild to join from the offered list. You can also use the search bar to find a certain Guild. 

If you want to create your own Guild, press the Create guild button. You will have to choose your Guild name, minimum team level (from 30 to 120), and banner. 

Guild Menu

After you create or join a Guild, you will be able to visit Celestial City. Here, you can find:

  1. Dungeon.

  2. Harbor.

  3. Elemental Cradle.

  4. Competitions: Guild War and Global Championship.

  5. Titans.

  6. Titan Soul Shop (if you have evolved at least one of your titans to the Absolute Star).

  7. Circle of Summoning.

  8. Trainings.

  9. Heart of Power.

Also, in the upper-left corner, you can press Members to view the list of your Guild members. There, you can find Guild positions and current activity points.

Celestial City

If you quit a Guild, you have to wait for 8 hours before joining a new one. You can spend 25 emeralds to skip the waiting time. In addition, all activity points and titanite gained are deducted from Guild activity. 

If your Guild is in the Silver or Gold league, you will not be able to become a Champion until the end of the current week.


Each Guild can have four positions: member, Officer, General, and Guild Master. The Guild Master can change the names of the positions. 

Different positions grant different access levels. For example, Guild Masters, Generals, and Officers can expel members and add them to the Guild's blacklist.

Officers, Generals, and members may leave the Guild whenever they want. The Guild Master cannot leave the Guild without handing over their title to another player. However, they can disband the Guild at any time after expelling all members.


If your Guild Master does not log in to the game for more than 30 days in a row, their title is automatically transferred to an active player with the highest position after the 30-day timer has run out.

If the Guild Master logs in, the 30-day timer resets. Another way to transfer the title is to contact that player directly and ask them to transfer it to someone else manually.

Guild Master's Offline

Once you join a Guild, you can participate in Guild activities to get rewards. To receive Guild activity points, you can:

  • complete Campaign missions – one activity point for each energy point spent;

  • enchant glyphs – 700 points per day maximum;

  • exchange items – 2000 activity points per day maximum.


To earn titanate, you have to beat floors in Dungeon.


Your personal activities reset at 5:00 AM your in-game time zone, and Guild activities reset at 2:00 AM UTC. If your in-game time zone differs from UTC, all activity and titanite earned between 2:00 AM UTC and 5:00 AM of your in-game time zone will not be counted in today's Guild activity. It is counted towards the Guild activities of the previous day. To avoid this situation, you should neither collect activity and titanite nor upgrade glyphs during this period.

The Stats and presents tab contains the date and time of all important events: joining and quitting the Guild, activity, and position changes.

When a Guild gathers a certain amount of activity points, all members receive rewards — Rune Stones or Rune Spheres. In addition, the Guild gets the Guild Master's Presents. The Guild Master can distribute them.

Guild Activities

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