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General Information About Titans

​​Titans become available with the Guild mode at team level 30. 

Each titan has a specific role:

  1. Defender TitansAngus, Sigurd, Moloch, Brustar, Rigel;

  2. Marksman TitansSylva, Vulcan, Nova, Keros, Amon;

  3. Support TitansAvalon, Ignis, Mairi, Iyari, Mort;

  4. SupertitansAraji, Hyperion, Eden, Solaris, Tenebris.


Regular titans have one skill, whereas supertitans have two. You can activate the first skill manually or automatically, but the second one activates by itself.


Besides, supertitans have three stars from the very beginning.


Each titan belongs to an element. There are five elements in the game: water, fire, earth, darkness, and light. Water, fire, and earth are controlled by the Element Cycle:

  • water titans get extra damage and defense against fire titans;

  • fire titans get extra damage and defense against earth titans;

  • earth titans get extra attack and defense against water titans.


Light and dark titans have an advantage over the titans of other elements, as their artifacts give them extra attack and defense against fire, water, and earth titans.

To gain extra damage and defense against an opposite element, you need to upgrade your Titan Artifacts.


You need 30 Titan Soul Stones to get a regular titan. To summon a supertitan, you need 250 Soul Stones. 

You can get Soul Stones from:


Light and dark titans are exceptions. You can get their Soul Stones during special events devoted to them, from the Circle of Summoning, and from Light and Darkness Titan Chests. TenebrisSolaris, and Rigel can only be obtained during special events for now.

If you receive a titan you already own, you will get 30 Soul Stones for a regular titan or 250 Soul Stones for a supertitan.


Supertitans are unique and rare rewards. The chance of getting them is the same for all players and depends solely on luck. Besides, you can earn Supertitan Soul Stones and Chests of Supertitans in some special events.

Soul Stones

The maximum star rank is six. It boosts two main titan stats: physical attack and health. To increase your titan's star rank, you need gold and Soul Stones. The number of Soul Stones required for an upgrade:

  • 1st star — 30 Soul Stones;

  • 2nd star — 50 Soul Stones;

  • 3rd star — 150 Soul Stones;

  • 4th star — 500 Soul Stones;

  • 5th star — 900 Soul Stones;

  • 6th star — 1500 Soul Stones.

Star Rank

The maximum titan level is 120. Until you reach team level 100, titans' max level is 20 levels lower than heroes'. For example, if your heroes' level is 50, your titans' max level will be 30.


To increase your titan level, you need to use Titan Potions. You can get them in the Dungeon, buy them at the Dungeon Shop, or earn them as a reward for quests. You can level up your titans by using emeralds as well.

Whenever you level up a titan, you receive Sparks of Power. You can spend them on upgrading your heroes' Gifts of the Elements in the Heart of Power area.


Skins grant a bonus to physical attack or health. The maximum skin level is 60.

Each titan has a Basic skin that is available from the very beginning. Some titans have a Primordial skin that can be unlocked. 

All skin bonuses stack no matter what skin is active at the moment. Equipping a skin only changes the appearance of a titan.

To upgrade and buy skins, you need to use Titan Skin Stones. You can find them at the Dungeon Shop.


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