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Elemental Cradle

The Elemental Cradle becomes available at team level 35. It is located in Celestial City. You will find the Castle Ruins, Merchant, Altar of the Elements, and Titan Artifacts at the Elemental Cradle. 

In the Castle Ruins, you fight a mighty opponent — the Hydra. It has five levels:

  • Common Hydra,

  • Elder Hydra,

  • Ancient Hydra,

  • Dreadful Hydra,

  • Legendary Hydra.


To attack a higher-level Hydra, you must defeat the Hydra of the previous level. If you beat a Hydra of a certain level, this level stays permanently unlocked.

In addition, any Hydra has six heads: Darkness, Water, Earth, Fire, Wind, and Light. Each head is unique and requires a specific strategy to win. To learn more about each head, tap the Info icon in the upper-left corner after selecting the Hydra level in the Castle Ruins

You can fight the Hydra together with your guildmates. However, if a Guild member is fighting a Hydra head, others cannot attack it.


The Hydra is immune to crowd control. It cannot be stunned, knocked up, or charmed. It has magical and physical protection and does not have energy.

If all Hydras are already defeated, you can complete quests that require battling Hydra by giving your Horns of Summoning to Crystal Fairies. Gifting one Horn counts as one Hydra fight. You can find Crystal Fairies on the rightmost side of the Castle Ruins.


To attack a Hydra, you need Horns of Summoning. Each Horn of Summoning grants one attack attempt. Every day at 02:00 UTC, the number of Horns of Summoning resets to three. Horns do not stack.

If you have not used a Horn, you will not get an additional one with the daily reset.

icon_gidra_horn_rare (1).png

Moreover, there are Golden Horns of Summoning. Each Golden Horn grants one attempt to attack a Hydra even if you have spent all regular Horns.

Golden Horns of Summoning can stack and do not expire. You do not lose them if you quit your Guild. 


You can get a Golden Horn of Summoning from a Golden Horn Box or buy it at the Titan Soul Shop for 15,000 Titan Potions.


Note that you can open a Golden Horn Box only if you are a member of a Guild. 

Horns of Summoning

Starting with VIP level 10, you will be able to raid Hydra's heads. First, you need to fight one of Hydra's heads the usual way. Your result, i.e., damage dealt, will be saved. After this, you can spend Horns of Summoning to raid this head and deal the same damage: 1 Horn = 1 raid. 

For the Raid button to appear, put a checkmark next to the Raid Damage option in the lower-right corner when assembling a team. 


You can change the saved results. To do so, uncheck the Raid Damage option and fight the Hydra's head the usual way again. The game will save the new result only if it is better than the previous one.


Depending on the Hydra's level and the number of heads defeated, each Guild member receives a letter to the in-game mail with a reward. The reward always grants Fairy Dust used to level up titan artifacts and might contain Elemental Spheres used to obtain artifact fragments at the Altar of the Elements. You can preview all possible rewards by tapping the three stripes button in the Hydra selection menu.

At the Altar of the Elements, you can open Elemental Spheres to get various recourses. Titan artifact fragments are the primary reward. You may also get other valuable resources: Fairy Dust, Hydra Coins, and the grand prize — a Golden Horn Box.


You can spend Hydra Coins from the Altar of the Elements in the Hydra Shop. It becomes available at level 35. There are two ways to open the shop.

You can open it on the Elemental Cradle screen:

  1. Tap Guild.

  2. Press the Elemental Cradle button.

  3. Tap Merchant.


Or you can go to the main game screen and press Merchant:


At the Hydra Shop, you can purchase Yasmine and Morrigan Soul Stones, Elemental Spheres, chests with hero artifact resources, Artifact Coins, Sparks of Power, Chaos Cores, and gold. Items in the shop do not change.


The goods reappear every 24 hours at 9 PM your local time. Also, you can refresh the Shop using emeralds.

You can also get Hydra Coins by exchanging extra titan artifact fragments in your Inventory.

Exchange rate: 1 fragment = 2 Hydra Coins.

Hydra Shop

In the Titan Artifacts tab, you can awaken powerful titan artifacts. There are three types of artifacts:


Artifact Weapon


Artifact Crown


Artifact Seal

Every titan has their own unique Artifact Weapon. You cannot use fragments of a specific titan's Artifact Weapon to upgrade another titan's Artifact Weapon.

When a titan uses their first skill, Artifact Weapon gives a bonus to the whole team for nine seconds. The bonus has an activation chance depending on the star rank of a Weapon:

  • 1st star — 30% activation chance.

  • 2nd star — 60% activation chance.

  • 3rd star and more — 100% activation chance.

Artifact Crown depends on a titan's element: earth titans get Earth Crown, while water and fire titans get Water Crown and Fire Crown. Light titans get the Crown of Light, and dark titans — the Crown of Darkness.

Artifact Crown passively adds two bonus characteristics to a titan: extra damage and extra defense against titans of a specific element. The element is selected according to this cycle:

  • water titans get extra damage and defense against fire titans;

  • fire titans get extra damage and defense against earth titans;

  • earth titans get extra attack and defense against water titans.


Light and dark Crowns give extra attack and defense against fire, water, and earth titans.

The Artifact Crown bonus works both in attack and defense.

Artifact Seals passively increase titans' physical attack and health. Titans get Artifact Seal based on their role:

  • Balance Seal: Hyperion, Avalon, Mairi, Ignis, Iyari, Mort;

  • Defense Seal: Eden, Angus, Sigurd, Moloch, Brustar, Rigel;

  • Attack Seal: Araji, Nova, Vulcan, Sylva, Keros, Amon, Tenebris.

To increase titan artifact star rank, you need the following number of fragments:

  • 1st star — 15;

  • 2nd star — 300;

  • 3rd star — 900;

  • 4th star — 1,500;

  • 5th star — 4,500;

  • 6th star — 15,000.

As for the titan artifact level, you can increase it with:

  • Fairy Dust and gold;

  • emeralds. 


Whenever you upgrade a titan artifact, you receive Sparks of Power. You can spend them on upgrading your heroes' Gifts of the Elements in the Heart of Power area.

Titan Artifacts

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