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Control Effects

There are eight control effects in the game.

1. Stun 

A hero that is stunned cannot move or attack. There are two ways to stun an opponent:

  1. Deal damage higher than 20% of the opponent's maximum health in one attack.

  2. Cast a skill that applies stun.

2. Blind

A blinded hero misses any physical damage, either attacks or abilities.

3. Silence

A silenced hero cannot use any magic abilities, i.e., they can deal only physical damage. 

 4. Slow

A slowed hero has reduced basic attack speed and increased abilities cooldowns.

5. Charm

A charmed hero cannot attack or cast abilities. This effect can be removed if a hero is damaged by any other character except for the one who inflicted this effect.

6. Mind Control

A hero who is under the effect of mind control fights on their opponent's side and can use basic attacks and skills, except for the first ability.

Note that some control effects are not marked by special signs. Such effects are:

  • Throwing in the air:

  • Displacement:


Heroes that are under any displacement effect can neither attack nor use their skills. These effects can be blocked. For example, Celeste's Purifying Sphere clears and blocks negative effects, including displacement or throwing in the air.

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