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Combat System FAQ

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the combat system: how hero skills work, how energy generation affects battles, how damage is calculated, and much more!

Hero power does not necessarily represent their efficiency in battle. It reflects how many resources you have invested in that hero. 

Many factors — counter-heroes, hero combinations, and the randomness of critical hits and dodges — can affect the outcome of a battle. To understand why a weaker team has won, try paying close attention to the team composition and how heroes interact with each other.

Also, you need to consider whether your team is effective against an opponent. Replacing one or two heroes may result in a drastically different outcome!

Sometimes, a less powerful team can even benefit the player due to how energy generation works in the game.

  • Heroes gain 10% energy for each basic attack performed or first skill used:

  • ​​Heroes gain 30% energy for defeating an opponent hero. A hero who deals the last blow receives the energy:

  • Heroes gain 1% energy for every 1% of health lost:

Thus, if your hero has lower defensive stats or less health, they can potentially take more damage from a rival and gain energy faster. This allows them to use their powerful first skill more often, which might change the course of a battle.

Besides, when a hero uses their first skill, their Artifact Weapon grants a nine-second bonus to the entire team.

Celeste is the exception. Her Artifact Weapon bonus works only for 4.5 seconds.

However, it is important to keep a balance of hero stats. Strong opponents will quickly defeat your team if your heroes are too weak.

Why did I loose to a weaker team?

The Damage Dealt tab also takes into account the damage inflicted by heroes on themselves or their allies. If the damage in the Damage Dealt tab is significantly different from the Journal, it means that heroes in your team have skills with the Sacrifice keyword.

Thanks to such skills, heroes usually sacrifice part of their health, i.e., inflict damage on themselves, to receive or give a buff.


To read the exact skill description, select a hero and tap the needed skill. To view the detailed information, consider switching on the Complete Skill Info setting. You can find it in Settings on the main game screen.

Skills with the Sacrifice keyword are:

  • Lilith's Sacrifice,

  • Dorian's Ancestors' Amulet,

  • Aidan's Phoenix Ritual and Bonds of Fire,

  • Kayla's Inner Flame,

  • Xe'Sha's Deadly Ray, Spiritual Power, and Soaring Might,

  • Cleaver's Putrefaction,

  • Jhu's I will take your life.

Why does the amamge differ?

As different game modes have different battlefield sizes, heroes can be within the Aura in one game mode but outside it in another.

Dorian's Initiation skill increases vampirism of nearby allies. The skill works within a specific range called Vampirism Aura. If an ally is outside the Aura, the vampirism bonus will not affect them.

Allies within the Aura have a glowing circle around their feet.

At the same time, allies outside the Aura do not have the circle.

The Initiation skill continues to work even after Dorian's defeat. Its range, i.e., Vampirism Aura, remains the same.

Dorian initiation

Thanks to the Last Word skill, Astaroth can resurrect a fallen ally or himself, leaving them with only one health point and granting them temporary invulnerability.

Once the resurrection animation completes, Astaroth adds extra health to the resurrected. To see the exact amount of added health, go to the Heroes menu, select Astaroth, and tap the Last Word skill.

The other heroes' skills can sometimes block Astaroth's Last Word skill. For example, if Celeste's Cursed Flame skill affects the resurrected hero, all the health added with Astaroth's Last Word skill will be converted into magic damage. As the resurrected hero has only one health point, they die instantly.

Besides, Morrigan's Necromancy skill blocks any resurrection attempts, both opponents' and allies'. Also, whenever a rival hero attempts to resurrect their ally, Morrigan receives one Soul Essence. When Morrigan's ally dies, she can use one Soul Essence to revive them.

Astaroth resurrection

Thanks to Sebastian's Rhythm of War skill, he and his allies can deal extra pure damage on critical hits. 

The amount of pure damage dealt depends on Sebastian's physical attack stat. You cannot increase this amount in any way during combat. Thus, even if other heroes have boosted Sebastian's physical attack, the amount of pure damage dealt will not increase.

Sebastian buff

Nova's North Wind skill has a limited range. If rival titans are outside the skill range, they will not be stunned.

Nova stun
Why didint Faceless/Karkh throw opponent in the air?

First, check if the opponent's team has Andvari in it. Andvari's Living Earth skill prevents any displacement of all allies behind him. This is why neither K'arkh’s Nexus of Horror nor Faceless's Power Throw will work.


Another hero who can prevent allies from being displaced is Celeste. Her skills create a Purifying Sphere that clears and blocks negative effects, displacement included. You can see a bright sphere above the character's head when the skill is active. K'arkh and Faceless will not be able to throw the hero in the air if the Sphere is there:


If you still have questions regarding a specific battle, take the following steps to understand what is going on:

  • Read the description of the abilities of each hero who participated in that battle. There are over 200 abilities in the game, and their interaction is usually the key. You can toggle the detailed descriptions of skills in the game settings:

  • Check the active effects from the first artifacts. If damage is too high or too low, most likely, the heroes are under buffs. Artifacts affect the whole team, not only one hero:

  • If a hero has chosen a different target than you expected, pay attention to the skills that can influence target selection. For example, Jorgen's Leper is one such skill.

  • Check if your heroes are under any control effects.

  • Try experimenting with hero combinations and paying attention to strengths and weaknesses of both teams. Well-chosen heroes may sometimes defeat opponents even when outnumbered.

  • If you still have not figured everything out, you can discuss the battle with the members of your Guild or ask other players for help on our official Discord server or Reddit.

Question about a specific battle

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Battles are an essential part of the gameplay.

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