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City Gate

City Gate becomes available during the tutorial at the very start of the game. The only requirement is to have enough hero power. You can enter City Gate on the main screen.

In this game mode, Galahad clears outposts with monsters to get rewards. Move Galahad to a floor with an opponent to start a fight.

You need to solve a puzzle to win.

A number above the character's head represents their power. To defeat an opponent, Galahad's number should be bigger than the opponent's. For example, if both Galahad and an opponent have the number five above their heads, the opponent will win.

So, you need to attack an opponent with the number four or lower to win a fight.

After winning, the opponent's power adds to Galahad's

How to win

Sometimes you will have to collect different buffs and debuffs on your way:

This buff adds the number above itself to the Galahad's power.

This debuff subtracts the number above itself from the Galahad's power.

This debuff divides the Galahad's power by the number above itself.

They can make your way easier or harder, so you should plan your path in advance.


You can receive the following resources as a reward:

  • gold,

  • EXP potions,

  • Rune Stones,

  • heroes.


If you already have a hero, you will get their Soul Stones instead. The number depends on how many Soul Stones you need to summon the hero. For example, to summon Morrigan, you need 80 Soul Stones. Thus, if you have already summoned Morrigan, you will receive 80 Soul Stones instead.


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