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Beginner's Guide to Combat


Battles are the central part of Hero Wars: Alliance. All game modes require players to participate in fighting in some way. In this article, you will learn valuable tips from Galahad and Aurora on how to be good at battles.



Familiarize yourself with the skills of your characters/titans

Each hero has four unique skills.

  • The first skill is sometimes called an ultimate skill. You can manually activate it in some game modes.

  • The second, third, and fourth skills always activate automatically.


The maximum level of the first two skills is 120, the third — 100, and the fourth — 80. Tap the name of the skill to read its description.

skill desc.jpg

Make sure you have the Complete Skill info option switched on in the settings. It will allow you to see full descriptions of the skills.

skill info.jpg

Regular titans have one skill, whereas supertitans have two. You can activate the first skill manually or automatically, but the second one activates by itself.

titan skill.jpg

You do not need to upgrade titan skills, as their effectiveness depends on your titan's stats. Tap the skill icon to read its description.


Switch to manual mode when necessary

Sometimes, it is better to use manual mode in battle. Thus, you can activate the first skill of a character at the right moment.

For example, if you use manual mode, you can choose which ability Faceless will copy with his Doppelganger skill: 


This way, you can also sync the abilities of several characters, activating them one after another.


Fights in the Arena and Grand Arena are always automatic. You cannot use manual mode there.

Use Guild and server chats to communicate with other players

Asking other players for advice might greatly help your journey in Dominion, especially in the beginning. Feel free to discuss the best teams and share your experience! Guilds always need new members, so you might find your community out there.


Upgrade different aspects of your characters

Hero skins, Glyphs, artifacts, and Gift of the Elements give your heroes extra stats and additional advantage in battle! Make sure you pay attention to them.

Titans have skins and artifacts that you can upgrade as well.

Prioritize upgrading level-dependent skills

If a character's skill has a chance of activation depending on its level, it would be best to upgrade this skill first. This way, you will spend your resources more efficiently.

For example, if you upgrade Kai's Fetters of the Wind to level 120, the effect of this ability will not be lowered at all:


Use different ways to get new heroes

You need Hero Soul Stones to summon a hero. The most obvious way to get them is at the Heroic Chest:


However, you can also obtain Soul Stones at different shops:

tower shop.jpg

You can also get more hero Soul Stones by:

  • completing special event tasks;

  • purchasing a bundle with hero Soul Stones.

Aurora swapped.png


Don't stick to just one team composition

Even if your team is effective against many opponents, it still has weaknesses. Make sure to have several go-to team combinations. That way, you will be prepared to face any rival. 

Be creative and try different characters. Find out how to build an effective team here!


Don't avoid competitive game modes

It might seem more comfortable to fight against monsters in the Campaign at first, but facing other players in the Arena or Grand Arena is always refreshing! You can learn from your opponents how to combine characters more effectively. Daily Arena / Grand Arena reward is also a nice bonus!

arena rew.jpg

Don't upgrade every single character you obtain at once

Right now, there are more than 60 characters in the game. So, it is better to focus on the ones you want to build a team with. Each upgrade requires resources, and boosting the characters you will actually take to battle will be more beneficial.


Don't sell Soul Stones 

You can sell some Soul Stones from your Inventory for gold. However, it is better to keep them: you might decide to rebuild a team in the future. Since hero Soul Stones are harder to get than gold, think twice before selling them.


Don't skip daily quests

If you have ever wondered how to earn enough resources for all the upgrades, the answer is by collecting all the rewards you can. Daily quests provide you with various resources, so try not to skip them!

For example, you can get up to 180 free energy for this daily quest:


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